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Interesting article called Teen Girls Body of Hormone-Altering Cosmetic Chemicals. Adolescent exposures to cosmetic chemicals of concern.By Rebecca Sutton ,Ph.,D.,Staff Scientist. The cosmetics we use does affect children and teens research shows. Two parabens methylparaben and propylparaben was detected in teen girls that were tested. The problem that worries experts are how does this effect young woman when they are still developing. Particular worrisome is hormone disrupting chemicals.

Ingredients suggested to avoid:

DMDM Hydantoin: Toxic contaminants

Imidazolidinyl Urea: Toxic contaminants

Methylchloroisothiazolinone: Allergies, Nervous system

Methylisothiazolinone: Allergies Nervous System

Parabens: Hormone Effects

Sodium lauryl: Skin Damage

Laureth sulfate: Skin Damage

Triclosan: Thyroid Concerns

Triclocarbon: Thyroid Concerns

Triethanolamine: Allergies, and Toxic contaminants


Danny Wagner’s concept sculpt for J.A.K Films. George Lucas’s Art Department.

You never know what a project may bring in the way of creativity.  When Danny Wagner and crew were asked to build a huge sculpt for Mustafar in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, they knew it would not be an easy task.  Danny was also asked to sculpt a concept sculpture for George Lucas’s art department , J.A.K. Films. The small sculpt was sculpted out of Y-2 clay. Sealed with a primer and painted with acrylics.

 Danny’s concept sculpt 

Mustafar was a huge carving sculpture,40 feet by 60 feet, that took 1 month to sculpt and carved out of urethane rigid foam.The sculpt had to be carved in a side way slant for lava flow. Different tools were used like loop tools, puddy knives, machetes, chain saws and adz tools. Even small fine sculpting tools were used for detail work. When the sculpt was done aqua resin was used to seal and prime the sculpt for painting. Acrylic paints were used for the painting process.

 Lava flows within the sculpt  

    Set is on a slant

 The set was on a slant so the lava which was made with Methocel could run down the trenches easier. Lava trenches were laid down with a clear sculptural vacuformed sections to let light show through. Using stage lights with gels enhanced the use of Methocel  giving the lava flow an eerie red glowing effect. 

  Lava flows

Star Wars Episode 3 – Behind the Scenes – The World of ILM Miniatures

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