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Picture By Devon Keene

Halloween is a night of costumes, masks, and face paint for adults and children alike! We don’t always know what kind of paint we are applying directly to the skin. Makeup artists tend to know the best products on the market.The FDA puts out messages every year to help guide first timers in choosing the right Makeup. For example 1) if you have small children test any products you will use on the inside area of the childs arm. Watch for a few days to see if there are any reactions. 2)Throw out any old makeup that might be left over from the year before. 3) Be sure to cleanse the paint off the face or body when your Halloween event is over. You can always check the FDA web site to see if the pigments in the product you are using is FDA approved. 

 Example of Pro Contact Lenses By ProvisionCare 

A big no is wearing decorative contact lenses without a Dr’s checkup and prescription. It is Illegal to sell lenses this way without a Dr’s checkup.This is also a rule of thumb for Makeup Artists at work. Many times people call and ask about contact lenses that need to be used during a Television, Film, or Print job. In our book The Makeup Artist Handbook  Christina Patterson Ceret outlines the correct steps to ordering, applying, and maintaining contact lenses during a shoot. Never treat contact lenses as an afterthought. Something to be used without the proper Dr’s appointment and prescription. There are ways to use eyeliner pencils to enhance different looks to any eye like yellow, red, white, black or blues. Very effective. 

Some of my favorite makeup products to paint with are (I would have these products in my kit all the time):

Tattoo Inks: alcohol based. Do not use right under the eye. Great for appliances, and painting directly on the skin for any combination you can think of. Will not rub off. Examples of  Colors that work well:

Trauma  Corpse   Frozen

Temptu: Trauma, Corpse, Frozen and Burn. (Burn not shown)

 Character Palette, Full Color Matthew Mungle

Matthew Mungle: Character Palette, Full Color Palette

 FX Palette  Grunge  Mardi Gras 

Skin Illustrator: FX Palette,Grunge, Mardi Gras, (I also love to paint with the Glazing Gels)

 Example of a farmers tan using Illustrator Glazing Gels

Decals and temporary Tattoos: Wounds, Skin problems, Burns, and Tattoo’s.Everything you could think of to create different looks.

 Vampire Bites  Slashes  Prison Tattoo’s

Tinsley Transfers: Vampire Bites, Slashes, Prison Tattoo’s

There is also Rick Stratton whose work and Temp Tattoos are very real.

Creme Makeup: great for under the eyes or to add contour and highlights. Easy to blend and remove. These two Cream Makeups work well together to create any death, Ill, ghoulish or dying character.  Having these in your makeup kit is a plus.

Ben Nye Effects wheel with Death Purple

Ben Nye: Death Purple

Joe Blasco effects colors with Death Green

Joe Blasco: Death Green 

Water activated Makeup: Just what it says. I tend not to use water activated makeup. Only because the makeup can move or lift. But often used in theater, Fantasy Makeup, Body Makeup etc. 

For more information on products and how they are used go to:    Skin Illustrator  W.M. Creations, Inc  Temptu Products  Tattoo Transfers  Ben Nye Makeup  Joe Blasco Products Christina Patterson Ceret Effects Lenses    For  Color Pigment Charts and recalled products