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Davines Total Hair Care

Davines has a total Hair care line that can also be used for the face and body. Their Davines Authentic Moisturising face, hair balm and body moisturizer is Safflower Oil based. All the products have ingredients like Sesame seed, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter plus vitamins.Other products they carry like Davines Authentic Nourishing face, hair,body oil can be used among other things for hair with dry ends, or  protection with anti oxidising moisturizer for the face and body. I’m all for trying out products that can do several things.

Another product line Wizards( which makeup artists would use) is N0 12 Cement powder. This product is mixed into creams, gels, mousse or waxes to strengthen the holding power of existing products. What comes to mind is tacking down hair for Bald caps and anchoring or glueing small tubing in the hair for effects work. Wizards also has N0 11 Universal Instant Grip Glue.

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