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Danny Wagner

Danny: This project was inspired by Rick Baker’s work in the horror classic feature film “The Incredible Melting Man”. Armed with a ton of pictures from magazines, frame grabs, and lobby cards I started to examine the designs and sculpts from the original faces. Using my own life cast worked out great. The size was appropriate for the project. My goal was to take the famous Cinefex picture from issue 14 about Rick Baker and to duplicate the shot. Duplicating a convincing melting man from all sides without being able to see from all angles in the photo is a challenge. Not wanting to buy more clay for this project I used everything including some very old roma plastaline. Heat the clay to make a softer consistency. You will be able to work with the clay easier. Basicly i just started working with what I saw in the pictures.


The clay that I worked with most often for this project was Chavanete. Using Roma as I started to run out of the other. NSP Medium, De-Aired, was also used. De-Solve cleaned and smoothed the sculptures. 100% alcohol also helped to clean and smooth the sculpts. After they were done I molded the masks in Ultracal 30 stone plaster. In regular two piece molds.


When finished the molds went into the oven to heat up, soften the clay for easier removal or pulling the molds apart. Next step was cleaning out the molds, casting with latex ,and polyfoam.

Since Latex has a nice fleshy color to them that became the base color. A mix of naphtha cement paints were used to paint the masks. Seal with Perma-Wet Gloss.


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Mens grooming is huge in the makeup trailer. In “The Makeup Artist Handbook” we outline just a few of the techniques used to bring a character to life. In general makeup artists are responsable for facial hair on the actor. This can also include a hairline that might need to be changed to represent the character being portrayed. Also all  the different hair textures need to be considered while choosing products.Since there are so many different brands on the market ask around for advise if needed. For example if the actor is going to need clipper cuts. Questions to ask? What is his favorite products to use to maintain the right look? Your suggestions and knowledge (do your research if needed) will be much appreciated because after all you are the pro. Always have the right products for the right job. Remember your razors, clippers, shavers, after shave products, cleaners, hair products, brushes, pocket combs and treatment lines will be one of your most important tools. Including products for effects.The best trailer is a meeting of the minds and a group effort by the hair and makeup department together. 

A few  product suggestions from DH Hair Stylist Yvette Rivas:For basic mens grooming: Kiehls Silk Groom, Osmo Essence no shine clay wax, moussing wax by Graham Webb. Extra strong hold use KMS extra hold. pomade are best on styles like the parted slick look. Dry wax for messy.For Scalp conditions Scalp Recovery by Nioxin.  Tip: Extra hold gels work well to control cow licks. Apply the gel and blow dry! Fine hair textures need a little help. Mix a thickening mousse with a tad of thickening gel.

The New York Times had a few product suggestion in an article called Dig Out Those Pocket Combs. By David Colman

A. Davines Wonder Wax,

B. Aveda Liquid Pomade,

C. Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech,

D.Malin+Goetz Sage Styling Cream

E. Kiehls Malleable Molding Paste

Natrafil Brushes

Dupont has come out with brushes made with Natrafil filaments. The brushes were a collaboration between Julie Charriere, Head Instructor at Studio Tannaz, and Dupont, launching a line called The Indispensables.  For a look at Julie’s web site and beautiful makeup charts I might add go to:

As makeup artists having a variety of brushes will ensure using the right brush for the right makeup. These brushes follow the strict guidelines to be animal free in their production process. Which is always a concern with artists and actors alike. Easy cleaning , less absorption of product, and the ability to stay soft makes these brushes a must try for the makeup kit.

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