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On the Movie Men and Mavericks there were special circumstances to which all makeups were designed for. One was the Ocean. Salt water and waves. The other was maintaining and creating a tan or tan weathered skin. Treatment products were a must. Each actor had their own products to address the different skin types. Re creating northern california surfers meant actors were surfing, swimming in pools for under water work, diving, hiking up and down cliffs,and exposed to the sunlight on a regular basis.  The following products helped achieve the looks for this wonderful movie.

Steps to tan a medium, medium light, to fair skin tone:

Night before remove makeup and self tan face and body with Roxanne Rizzo Bronze glow and Neutrogena Micro Mist Deep 3( no frost or shine). Roxanne Rizzo products work well because you can self tan the face with a sponge when the actor sits down in your chair five minutes before you apply makeup.

For example: Apply self tan on the face. while setting move down to the hands and arms. Then move back to the face to apply makeup.  This also works for the body when you need a quick tan that wont rub off onto clothing.

Prep/treat skin according to skin type (will go over products later)

1. If covering any skin problems like blemishes, sun damage or scars use skin Illustrate flesh tones rose tones or peach tones very lightly just on top of the areas you want to cover. Keep the product thin and build slowly. Do not cover all the way. The skin Illustrate was our first defense against the ocean.  Also Skin Illustrator in flesh tone Dark was used to deepen the skin tone, contour and give the look of sun-kissed tones under a makeup or used alone.

2. Using a sponge for the face, neck, ears, hands arms and chest apply an even layer of Glazing Spray Tan.  Do not apply directly under eyes.

3. Follow with Mac Face and Body N12. Again cover all expose areas except for under the eyes.

4. Go back and any spot coverage can be done with Derma Blend Cover Creme. Colors Golden Brown, chocolate, and Olive brown.  Temptu SB 007 was used to spot cover cuts and scrapes that a heavy makeup would look to obvious. Apply with a concealer brush let dry down a bit and stipple pat the product to blend. Add more if needed.

5. under the eyes blend to match a concealer that is deep in tone. Like Eve pearls Tan and Dark.

(I used Guerlain #4 on top of the makeup to blend the tones together . Sweep this color also under the eyes for blending. Great for touch ups to maintain the tan)

6. If any sun burn was needed Glazing sprays Sunburn, and glazing gels sunburn were used to redden high points of the face and body.

7. Spray Green Marble SeLer on a sponge and lightly tap on top of makeup (For surfing, swimming etc).  You can also use Blue SeLer for everyday.

(If needed Eve Pearl Dark anti shine was used for touch ups) No powders were ever used.

More product suggestions to come!

 Roxanne Rizzo Bronze Glow

 Neutrogena Micro Mist Deep 3 Sunless Tan

   Skin Illustrator

 Glazing Sprays/Gels

 Mac Face and Body

 Temptu SB 007

 Derma Blend Cover Cremes

 Green Marble

Guerlain #4

Eve Pearl Tan

 Eve Pearl Anti-Shine

For more information and to vist their web sites: