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Treatment products can be a hit or miss. For example what works well for the actors. What are you trying to problem solve , maintain, or adapt to the present situation. On top of this actors vary on how much time should be spent on this step plus what to use. In general I like to have products that get results , work well under makeup and can be applied quick. If needed it’s also important to have products that work well as spa treatments like facials. Since every actor is different treatment products are tailored to the individual. Sometimes an actor will have their makeup artist from another show send their makeup to you. Ensuring the process is not disrupted from show to show. This can be very helpful. But remember that your film might be a completely different situation. So be vigilant. Explain to the actor why you are going in a different direction.

The following products have been very successful. Our last movie addressed sun, sun damage, acne, sunscreens, salt water, chlorine, wind, and different age groups. Most often products with moisture for dry and damaged skin was used. Although many products have multiple functions so always refer to the directions. For example La Mer has a whole line of products that are oil free and for sensitive skin tones.

Sunscreens: On Of Men and Mavericks several different sunscreens were recommended by  some of the best surfers in the world. Surfers use the sunscreens that stay on and will not cause the eyes to sting while in the water.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock   Coppertone Sport Cream or spray

 Bull frog products   Ella Bache anti aging 100% Mineral Filters Dark Beige (This product  was just recommended to me )One of the Maverick surfers said its expensive but stays on in the water with a tint to the product.

moisturizer: Deep moisture products.

La Mer Moisturizing Creme La Mer eye concentrate

La Mer Hand Treatment

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk Dr Hauschka Moisturizing Mask

Cindy Crawford Moisture Mask

Eye Masks: Everyday treatment masks for the eye area for firming, soothing, and moisturizer. Products like Angels can also be used all over the face and neck.

Angels Makeup Lifting Ampules (Wings)  Love this product! Used every day before makeup.

SKyn Iceland Hydro cool firming eye pads  Another product to love. We kept these in the fridge. Ice cold easy to use quick application makes SKyn eye pads a must for puffy irritated eyes. Apply the pads first thing in the morning while the actor or actress is in the hair chair. Remove right before makeup.

Eye creams:

A few other suggested products for eye creams.

   Dr Hauschka eye creme Dr Hauschka contour balm

More product suggestions to come. Visit their web sites at: