Snakes bees and slime oh my!

Cosmetic companies often use unusual ingredients for their anti-aging face creams. Women and men will try just about anything to have that perfect epidermis! The list of ingredients read like the contents of a biology lab. Chinese companies boast of products containing bee mucus while a British firm touts a product using snake venom.That’s just a few of the list of questionable or exotic ingredients in cosmetics.
The use of biological ingredients is nothing new. Mankind has been using insects, animals,plants and reptiles in cosmetics for hundreds of years.

French and South American snail farmers claim snail slime has properties that soften rough textures of the skin. Korea’s Seoul is at the forefront promoting snail guts. Snails are fed red ginseng for ultimate quality. Tokyo has one of the first live snail facials! Snail slime/ Serum is said to repair the skin that also addresses acne.

One cosmetic company claims that snake venom can tighten skin and smooth wrinkles. But it’s not from a live snake but a synthetic compound copied from real snake venom. If you do hear a cosmetic brand with snake venom as an ingredient makes comparisons to Botox be aware Botox is not made from snake venom.

Another unusual cosmetic product claims that bee mucus will help freshen and rejuvenate the skin. This ingredient is basically the product from what bees have regurgitated. Another word used is “propolis” a mixture of bee secretions, resins, and beeswax.

Like anything in cosmetics it would be up to an individual to decide what would work best for them and how much you are willing to pluck down for beauty. The FDA reminds us that plants, insects and other forms of life found in nature even grown or raised organically can contain toxic substances. Plants especially can cause allergic reactions.

It comes down to cosmetic companies taking legal responsibility to ensure their products are safe for the consumer. Even if it’s from slime!

For more information go to:
FDA Poisonous Plant Database

Article from /makeup/Gretchen Davis




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