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Third Edition The Makeup Artist Handbook 

The Hair Stylist Handbook 2016 

Glamour Celebs

Looking’s Raul Castillo Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the HBO Show

Here I am in the makeup chair with the incomparable Gretchen Davis and Yvette Rivas, the makeup and hair department heads on Looking. It’s always a blast with them.”

By Caitlin Brody February 19, 2015

Looking’ makeup artist
Maggie Winterfeldt
SFGate Article

San Francisco Magazine/Modern Luxury
Article written by Gretchen Davis
Confessions of a Woody Allen Makeup Artist
Why making Cate Blanchett look broke is harder than it appears

Blue Jasmine’ review: Allen, Blanchett dazzle
Mick LaSalle
Friday, August 2, 2013
First of all, there’s the technical precision of it. Aided immeasurably by Gretchen Davis’ makeup and Suzy Benziger’s costume design, she is often playing some degree of chemical impairment – the nature and degree of which are always perfectly clear.

Emmy Nomination 2012, Hemingway and Gellhorn,Makeup Department Head

Second Edition The Makeup Artist Handbook , 2011

The Makeup Artist Handbook First Edition

Milk Article in Makeup Magazine

WALL-E Versus Milk: A Makeup Artist’s Tale
Gretchen Davis shares her experience working on two very different films
By Marjorie Galas

NBC show Trauma to Feature Trauma Palettes.

Makeup artist Gretchen Davis&Stephan Dupuis, The makeup team behind………



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