Gretchen Davis resides in San Francisco working as a freelance Makeup Artist, and writer for the entertainment industry. She is highly sought after to work with high profile clients in film, television, and digital media as a personal or department head. In 2012 Gretchen was nominated for an Emmy highlighting her work on Hemingway and Gellhorn. Some of her clients include Sony, Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, Universal, Electronic Arts, Pixar and ILM. She has department headed films such as Hulu’s Chance, Steve Jobs,HBOs Looking, HBO Hemingway and Gellhorn, Chasing Mavericks, and Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.. Also Gretchen keyed projects like feature film Milk and NBC’s Trauma. Gretchen Co Authored “The Makeup Artist Handbook” distributed World Wide by Focal Press and published by Elsevier in March 2008. The book is critical acclaimed as a must have for the working makeup artist. Gretchen continued as Co Author for The Makeup Artist Handbook Second and third Edition plus Authored The Hair Stylist Handbook. She is a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists, Hollywood, and is licensed esthetics in the state of California. As an Instructor, she creatively designed a makeup program for The Academy of Art University in SF. The program introduces beginning film students, estheticians, and future makeup artists to professional work standards in all media and industry techniques. Today she continues to enjoy a successful career working as a department head, or personal makeup artist, and writer. 
I.A.T.S.E Local 706, Hollywood
Written Works: The Makeup Artist Handbook
Focal Press, Branch of Elsevier, March 2008
The Makeup Artist Handbook 2nd Edition 2012

The Hair Stylist Handbook 2016

Emmy Nominated 2012

Hulu, Chance Pilot, Makeup Department Head , plus makeup artist to Gretchen Mol

Steve Jobs, Feature Film, Makeup Department Head , plus makeup artist to Seth Logan

Looking , HBO, The Movie, Makeup Department Head , plus makeup artist to Jonathan Groff and rest of cast

Looking, HBO, TV Series, Second Season, Makeup Department Head, makeup for cast

San Andreas, Film, San Francisco Second Unit Department Head

Sense8, Netflix , Season One, San Francisco Key
Exposed, Universal Television, Pilot, San Francisco Makeup Department Head
Projects 2008-2013
Looking, TV Series, HBO, Makeup Department Head
Untitled Michael Lannan Comedy, HBO, Makeup Department Head
Blue Jasmine, Feature Film, Woody Allen Director, Makeup Department Head. Personal Makeup Artist for Cate Blanchet
Chasing Mavericks, Feature Film, Michael Apted, Curtis Hansen Directors, Makeup Department Head, Personal Makeup Artist for Gerard Butler
Knife Fight, Director Bill Guttentag, Feature Film, Makeup Department Head, Rob Lowe, Jamie Chung.
Hemmingway & Gellhorn, Director Phillip Kaufman, HBO Feature Film, Makeup Department Head and Emmy nominated, Actors include: Parker Posey, Molly Parker, David Strathain, Rodrigo Santoro, Robert Duvall, Peter Coyote, Clive Owen (when needed), Plus rest of cast.
On The Road, Director Walter Salles, Feature Film, SF Makeup Department Head, Actors: Kristen Dunst, Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund
Trauma, NBC Television, First Season, Episodes 1-18, Key Makeup, Hi Def.
Actors: Anastasia Griffith, Aimee Garcia, Kevin Rankin, Derek Luke and rest of cast.
Star Wars Game, ILM, Disney, SF Key Makeup, And Green Screen Hi Def.
The Butler’s, 3 D Film, David Arquette Director, Makeup department head, 1912 period makeup. Actors: Thomas Jane, Richmond Arquette, David Arquette, Elizabeth Berkely
Milk, Feature Film, Gus Van Sant is the Director, Key Makeup. Correct makeup/Hair for the 1970’s.
Wall E, Pixar, Feature Film animation, SF Key Make-up Artist. Make-up artist for
Fred Willard. HD Green Screen, Airbrush Make-up, Character Make-up, Natural Make-up.
The Transformer Movie, SF Key Make-up for Shia LaBeouf, ILM, HD Green Screen, Matching Facial wounds.
The Pixar Story, Leslie I Werks, Director, Natural Makeup for Interviews. Clients included George Lucas and John Lassater.
Star Wars ILM, Feature Film, Daily Hire, Green Screen, J1 Fighters.

Directors include but not all:
Woody Allen, Michael Apted, Curtis Hansen, Bill Guttentag, Phillip Kaufman, Walter Salles, David Arquette, Gus Van Sant, John Lassater, Andrew Stanton, Joe Pytka
Other projects include but not all:
The Kite Runner, The Pursuit of Happiness, Rent, The Darwin Awards, Bee Season, The Assassination of Richard Nixon, Matrix 2and 3, Sweetest Thing, Monk, Future Tales of the City, Princess Diaries, Bandits, High Crimes, The Hulk, The Evidence, Apple, HP, Google, Nike, Yahoo, Pixar, ILM, Trade Shows, Industrial Work.
Make-Up Skills: High Def Makeup, Beauty Make-Up, Airbrush, Body Makeup, Facial Hair Laying, Stipple work, Prosthetics, Character Make-Up, Time period Makeup, SFX Make-Up, and Natural Make-Up.


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